Premium quality engineered roofing systems. 20 years experience with over 3 billion square feet installed in Canada and USA! Insurance coverage included!

Duro-Last adopted the "World's Best Roof"® logo in 1994 to emphasize their industry leadership. No other roofing system comes near the performance record Duro-Last has enjoyed since 1978. Not all roofing systems, warranties or services are the same. Other products are subject to frequent formula changes in the membrane or components. Some have unproven performance records, while other have major warranty limitations.

Duro-Last is unlike any other single-ply roofing system. More than three decades ago, Duro-Last Founder John R. Burt was determined to produce a roof membrane that would perform consistently year after year. Through diligent research and trial and error, he and his staff created patented processes uniquely enabling contractors to complete their most difficult tasks in-house, under ideal factory conditions. The result is a completely custom prefabricated roofing system that minimizes on-site labour, is a proven performer, and includes warranties that provide unequaled reliability and peace of mind.

Duro-Last is resistant to fire and is approved for factory mutual insurance to the highest standards. With the best life cycle and the no cost stress free warranty. Extremely durable and installed without disruption to daily operations, the Duro-Last roofing system is also leak-proof, resistant to high winds, and virtually maintenance-free.

Top Down & Edge to Edge, we have the highest quality ratings in Canada for a Duro-Last P V C roof. This is the Last roof you will need on your building. Sealtec.org and Duro Last are family owned companies. For those who require a single ply roof, which is done to code this, has its benefits.

DURO-LAST: Manufacturing standards above the rest & customer service second to none! Truly the "world's best roof"®

Compare the facts

Company Duro-Last A B C
Membrane Type PVC TPO EPDM Modified Bitumen
Custom Prefabricated Deck Sheets? Yes, eliminates 80-85% of field seams No, all seams are handmade on-site No, all seams are handmade on-site No, all seams are handmade on-site
Sheet Construction Factory prefabricated into panels up to 2,500 sq. ft. Roll goods only; 500 - 1,000 sq. ft. coverage per typical roll Roll goods only; 1,000 sq. ft. coverage per typical roll Roll goods only; 100 sq. ft. coverage per typical roll
Custom Prefabricated Curb & Stack Flashings? Yes Yes No No
Custom Prefabricated Scuppers & Parapets? Yes No No No
All Flashing Material Reinforced? Yes No No No
Flashing Method All heat-welded Adhesive or heat-welded Adhesive Hot mopped, cement or torch-applied
Warranty Coverage Repair and Replacement Repair only Repair only Repair only
Warranty Issued At No Additional Cost?* Yes No No No
Warranty Coverage For Consequential Damages?* Yes No No No
*15-Year Warranty
"Duro-Last", and the "Worlds Best Roof" are registered marks owned by Duro-Last Roofing, Inc.

Always consider the five E's of high performance roofing

five e's of high performance roofing

Roofing Selection Check List

To make a smart choice for your next roof, consider the Five E's of high performance roofing: Energy, Environment, Endurance, Economics, and Engineering. The Roofing Selection Check List includes the key questions to ask in each area and will help you choose a roofing system that meets your performance requirements.

Energy #1 Energy

environment #2 Environment

economics #4 Economics

engineering #5 Engineering

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